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A bi-annual international writers’ conference now in its 24th year. For more details on PWW read our about page or visit us on our website at www.wice-paris.org.

Should I come if I am just a beginning writer?

PWW welcomes writers of all levels. If you have any questions, please email pww@wice-paris.org and we can discuss your choices.

How will my registration be confirmed?

An email confirmation will be sent to you within 14 working days.

Who attends the Paris Writers’ Workshop?

PWW participants come from all parts of the globe. While the majority of participants live in European countries many participants travel from North America, Asia and Australia as well. All ages and occupations are represented.

In what language are classes conducted?

All classes are conducted in English.

Do I need to bring my computer?

It is up to you to bring your computer. Instructors will decide whether they can be used in class.

Where can I make photocopies?

Several copy shops can be found near the course location.

What if my spouse and/or friend accompanies me to Paris?

While the courses, afternoon lectures and receptions are limited to participants, guests may pay an additional fee to attend the evening events. Guests are also welcome at the literary dinner for an additional fee. The readings on Thursday evening and on Friday afternoon are open to everyone. In terms of your free time, you may have some homework, but also time to spend with them.

Do I have to be a WICE member to attend the Paris Writers’ Workshop?

PWW is a special event of WICE and open to all. Membership in the WICE organization is not required to attend.

What’s the weather like in Paris in late June?

They say if you don’t like the Paris weather, wait five minutes. So, we don’t really know. Usually the weather in late June is summer-like, but rain gear and a warm sweater should be included in your luggage.

What kind of clothes should I bring?

Dress is casual at the Paris Writers’ Workshop and in Paris during the summer. (Avoid shorts if you don’t want to be spotted as a tourist!) Comfortable walking shoes are highly recommended as you will be exploring the city and cobblestones are frequent.

What if my French is non-existent or rusty?

Many people speak English in Paris, especially in areas that are touristic. A few basic words are all you need to get around. Don’t hesitate to ask other attendees for help.

Can WICE make recommendations for accommodations?

We suggest a visit to standard internet sites for hotel and apartment listings and reviews. If you are interested in a list of hotels convenient to the course site, we can send the list that The American University in Paris provides its visitors. Please request this list via pww@wice-paris.org.