An early draft of my novel, Cooper’s Promise, was subjected to an intensive one-week workshop at the PWW. I say ‘subjected’ because my story was twisted, shoved, and torn apart — and it was great. Not only did it help me build my craft, but contributed to how I continuously relooked at Cooper’s story through several rewrites. Ultimately it was published to astonishing reviews. Kirkus Reviews called it “literary dynamite” named it one of the Best Books of 2012! I credit the PWW with contributing not only to Cooper’s success, but to my mastery of the writing craft, at least to the extent that I have mastered it. Much like life, writing is a continuous journey with constant moments of enlightenment. – Timothy Jay Smith, author of Cooper’s Promise and A Vision of Angels

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Effective teachers and excellent group leaders. By the end of the 5 days we were a cohesive group. – Jean Rotonde

[My writer-in-residence and  literary agent] were both helpful! – Susan Laurent

The Workshop was a very good week for me and the opportunities it provided for me as a writer in Paris was truly Holy. – Ryder F, USA

The Novel workshop answered all my questions and left me reading literature with a second eye. The overall organization of the workshop was very good and the writer of my workshop was both encouraging and inspiring. – Kathryn, UK

It was an absolutely wonderful experience for me, and now I am trying to determine how I can return next year! Thank you for all of your hard work and your dedication to supporting writers. – Rebecca, USA