Literary Dinner

An Evening to Remember

The closing dinner has become a feature of the Paris Writers’ Workshop – a chance to relax with new friends, talk further with the faculty and presenters, and unwind after the pressures of the week. The dinner will be held at the traditional French brasserie, le Café du Commerce.

The dinner rate for PWW participants and their guests is €50 per person and must be reserved in advance. See our registration page for details.

Cafe du Commerce2A Unique Venue

An authentic Parisian bistro, le Café du Commerce is situated on one of the busy and quintessentially Parisian streets of the 15th arrondissement, near the Eiffel Tower. Le Café du Commerce serves traditional French cuisine at its finest, with a selection of authentic recipes to rediscover: From the deviled egg with leek vinaigrette to the exceptional Limousine beef. Unique to Paris, the dining room of le Café du Commerce offers 3 floors adorned with plants and open to the sky.

Cafe du Commerce

A Bit of History

Le Café du Commerce opened in 1921, part of the lineage of the Parisian “bouillons” of the nineteenth century. These inexpensive establishments focused on a fixed price and a high volume of customers. They originally served a hearty beef soup, thus the nicknames “bouillons.” Other affordable dishes later enriched the menus.

In 1920, the three-floor building at 51 rue du Commerce was slated to become a fabric remnants store. However, in 1921, it opened as “Aux Mille Couverts” (A Thousand Dishes), designed to feed the many workers of the automobile industry that was flourishing in the surrounding neighborhood, Javel-Grenelle.

During World War Two, Mr. Paul, the owner at the time, became famous for maintaining modest prices while avoiding the black market. Part of the price of meals was subsidized by the government of the 15th arrondissement.

Fast-forward in time: in March 2003, Marie and Etienne Guerraud, restaurateurs in the 15th for more than 22 years, rose to the challenge and acquired this grand institution. They returned the focus of the restaurant to dishes prepared with simplicity and a passion for select ingredients.

Café du Commerce – 51 Rue du Commerce, 75015 Paris

Note: Photos and translated text from the restaurant website,